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Below are some programs and viruses to be aware of:
(get the most accurate virus information from Network Associate's Virus Info Library or Microsoft Security)


This worm is a VBS program that is sent attached to an email with the subject ILOVEYOU. The mail caontains the message "kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me."

The attachment is called LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs

If the user runs the attachment the worm runs using the Windows Scripting Host program. This is not normally present on Windows 95 or Windows NT unless Internet Explorer 5 is installed.


Aliases: I-Worm.Prettypark.unp, Pretty Park.exe, Southpark Trojan
This is the unpacked edition of the originally packed "W32/Pretty.worm" Internet worm. This is an Internet worm that installs on Windows 9x/NT systems. It arrives via email from affected users who have also run this attachment. It appears as an icon of a character from the animated comedy series "Southpark".

This worm will try to email itself automatically every 30 minutes to all email addresses listed in the Windows address book associated with Outlook Express; it will also try to connect to an IRC server and join a specific IRC channel. While connected, this worm tries to stay connected by sending information to the IRC server, and will also retrieve any commands from the IRC channel. While on the determined IRC server, the author of this worm could use the connection as a remote access trojan in order to get information such as the computer name, registered owner, registered organization, system root path, and Dial Up Networking username and passwords.

If you have know of other programs that should be added to this list please contact the System Administrator.
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