Pegasus Mail 3.x Configuration

  1. The first time you open Pegasus Mail, the Internet Setup Wizard (below) will appear. Click Next to begin the configuration.

    setup wizard

  2. Enter your e-mail address in box (see below) and click Next.

    e-mail address

  3. The next window (below) asks for you POP3 server; enter in the box and click Next.

    POP3 server

  4. In the next window (below), enter the username and password (it will appear in *'s you use to access the Internet and press Next.

    username and password

  5. The SMTP server (below) will be automatically carried over from your entry of the POP3 server; leave it as and press Next.

    SMTP server

  6. In the "How do you connect to the Internet?" window (below), click the circle next to Dialup (unless you know you are on a network) and press Next


  7. The basic installation is complete, click Finish to enter the program for the first time.
To finish off the configuration, there are a few things to add, Click Here to see them.