Pegasus Mail Setup

Pegasus Mail 3.x Setup and Configuration for Windows

If you need 2.54 instructions, click here
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Setup - if you are installing the program for the first time;
Configuration - if the program is installed, but you need to configue it for the first time;
Settings - if the program has been installed, but configured for another e-mail account.


  1. Locate either the win16-3xx.exe (16-bit Windows 3.1) or the win32-3xx.exe (32-bit Windows 95/98) file from a download and double-click it's icon or click the Pegasus installation link on the Mid-Missouri Internet Explorer 3.02/4.01 CD and select Open or Run from this location to be to begin the extraction process.
  2. The installation screen below opens. Press Next to begin installation.


  3. You will next get an screen with information on the version you are installing. Click Next when you have read the information.
  4. You are then asked to select a Destination Directory (below). By default, the directory is C:\PMAIL; if you want to change this directory, click Browse and enter the directory you want; click Next to use the directory listed.

    destination directory

  5. Next, you must select which options you want installed (below)


  6. Press Next when you have you options selected.
  7. If you opted to create a program group in the step above, you will be asked to enter a Program Group name if you don't want the default. Click Next when the group you want Pegasus Mail to appear in.
  8. When the Ready to Install window then appears; click Next. The program will then copy files to your computer.
  9. When the files are copied, the Installation Completed window appears; click Finish.
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