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On this page, you will find information you need to configure software for the most common tasks on the Internet. The information is given first under each heading, so you don't have to look far to find what you actually need. If you don't know exactly what to do with that information, instructions on what to do are at the bottom of each section.

Due to the large number of programs available to do similar tasks, only those programs distributed by Mid-Missouri Internet Services/I-Land or those appearing on the Software Recommendations page are supported here. However, programs with similar functions all need the same information, and by looking through these instructions you can probably figure out how to configure a program not listed here.

You might find it useful to print out the instructions for your computer/program before attempting to change any information. Most of these set-up instructions do not include navigation links to keep printout time short, so you will have to use the Back button on your browser.

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Access Number

I-Land Internet Services
Access Numbers list

How to change your access number using:

Windows 3.x Windows 9x Macintosh

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E-Mail Settings

Your E-mail Address:
POP3/IMAP Server:
SMTP Server:

How to setup/change your e-mail settings using:

Eudora 1.x - 1.4.x
Pegasus Mail 2.54
Internet Explorer 2.x/3.x Mail
Netscape 2.x/3.x Mail
Eudora 1.5.x - 3.x
Pegasus Mail 3.0
Outlook Express 5/6

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Domain Name Server (DNS) Settings*
*Should be set to "Server Assigned"

You can also continue to use and

Configuring your DNS using:

Macintosh Windows 3.x Windows 9x

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Home Page


Changing your home page location using:

Internet Explorer 2.x/3.x Netscape 2.x/3.x
Internet Explorer 4/5/6

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FTP Server


FTP-ing your homepage to the Mid-Mo server using:


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