Modem Information

Modem Manufacturers - A local page of links to the home/support pages of many popular modem companies. Many sites feature online support, FAQ's, updated and downloadable modem drivers to increase performance, and e-mail to technicians.
Yahoo's Modem Page - Links to all modem/communication companies. Probably kept more up to date than any of the other sites linked here. - Formerly 56k=v.unreliable; if you've ever had a problem with a 56k modem, you can probably find an answer here. - A VERY informative page with init strings, drivers, tech articles (and humor), error messages explained, and lots more
56K.Com - Information on upgrades, drivers, and troubleshooting
Curt's High Speed Modem Page - A VERY informative page with many links.
Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ™ - A VERY informative site with current modem news and lots of links.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Modems - But Were Afraid to Ask - Along with a Manufacturers link, this page has as a Personal Notes link and an Other Resources with some good links.
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